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Arotos organic foods

Arotos is a company located in northern Greece near mountain Olympus, the holy place of Ancient Greece.

It was created by two young people and has been in organic production for more than 12 years.

Our activities is the cultivation, collection, processing and trading of organic food that is produced in our farms. Climate conditions are exquisite, sunshine for more than 9 months per year and fertile, rich soils that ensure a unique flavor and highest organic and nutritional standards.

From 2009 we have been exporting our products abroad and the nearest port is located only 45 km. from our plantation (Thessaloniki port). The production is highly controlled and certified by Green Control Organization and is entirely free from chemical substances and pesticides.

Our main aim is satisfied collaborators and consumers and we are working constantly for it.

Thank you.

Gourmet award

Arotos ketchup was awarded from Gourmet Magazine Awards in 2010

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